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2020 Newsletter
Oct 17-18
Oct 24-25

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October 2020
25 sun 30A
28 Simon & Jude

November 2020
1 All saints
2 Faithful departed
3 Sun 32A
9 Dedication of Lateran Basilica
15 Sun 33A
22 Christ King
29 Advent 1B
30 Andrew

December 2020
3 Francis Xavier

6 Advent 2B
8 Immaculate Conception BVM
13 Advent 3B
20 Advent 4B
25 Christmas
26 Stephen
27 Holy Family
28 Holy innocents

Samoan Mass 12.30 4th Sundays

Sacramental Reception

Sundays at 12 noon (ring office to book)
Marriage:  by appointment
Reconciliation:  approach a priest before Mass to make an appointment.
First Communion and Confirmation:  Preparation for this is conducted in our two schools; we also offer this preparation to State School children. Ring our office on 9481 7333 for further information.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Martin Tanti, SDB PP is normally at St John’s on Thursdays, 10-3pm. He is normally at St Joseph’s on Wednesdays at 10-3pm. However, to make a time to see Fr Martin please ring Joan on 9481 7333.

The Parish office
Due to Covid-19, our Parish Office is now closed until further notice. To make connection with our Parish Secretary please send your query/comments via email … or and Joan will respond to you.

Support   13 11 14  1300 22 44 36
SANE Helpline  1800 18 SANE (7263)
Vic Statewide Suicide helpline  1300 651 251
Mensline Australia  1300 789 978
Drug info. to your mobile phone 0439 TELL ME
CrimeStoppers  1800 333 000
Suicide Helpline Victoria  1300 651 251
Where homeless people might go for help ...
* Ozanam House in North Melbourne
* Mary House of Welcome in Fitzroy
* Jesuit Social Services in Richmond
* Margaret Oats Van, corner of Smith and Stanley Streets (near Safeway) in Collingwood.
For further information on where people can get free meals contact Joan in the office on 9481 7333.

Pope Francis says ...

“In his mercy, God calls us all to extend the merciful embrace of unconditional love to everyone.”
If there is anyone word that Pope Francis has adopted as a hallmark, it would be ‘mercy.’ A close second would be ‘unity’ – the communion of mind and heart that occurs when people are truly open to one another, courageous in their reaching out, and fearless in their commitment to be disciples of the gospel.
As he closed out the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Pope reminded us that the outstretching colonnade of St Peter’s Basilica is symbolic of the warm embrace that God extends to us every day. Sharing God’s love everywhere means leaving our comfort zones and stepping into the unknown.
Prayer: God of unity and love, give me the courage and audacity to reach out in love without fear. Amen.

Parish of Our Lady of the Southern Cross
St John the Baptist, Clifton Hill - St Joseph's, Collingwood

Gospel Reflection 2020

 Sunday 30 Yr A 

A Pharisee asks Jesus about the greatest of the commandments.
The question requires Jesus to interpret the Law of Moses. The Mosaic Law consists of the Ten Commandments and many additional rules, numbering over six hundred. Adherence to the Mosaic Law, for a devout Jew, is an expression of faithfulness to God’s covenant with Israel. The ranking of the Commandments was regularly debated among the teachers of the Law.
Jesus answers the Pharisees’ question with a two-fold summary. Jesus says that all of the commandments can be summarized in two commandments: love God and love your neighbor. Both of these were central elements of the religious tradition Jesus learned from his Jewish community. Indeed these continue to be central aspects of contemporary Jewish religious understanding. Jesus’ response to his questioners proposed an integral connection between these two aspects of the Jewish Law. Love of God finds its expression in our love for our neighbor.     > read on, click below

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Audio Gospel Reflections -  Fr Frank Moloney SDB


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Vietnamese Mass 9am Sundays, Newsletter, etc.

Oct 24-25 First Commandment

Sunday Cinema
Online Viewing
for this Week's Liturgy


[Updated Oct 25]

A message from Fr Martin ...
Dear All
I hope you all have had a great week and kept safe. It is good to see the Covid-19 cases on the downhill slide which gives us some hope for lowering the restrictions sooner rather than later. However, we still need to look after ourselves and in turn we are also looking after each other. In my opinion I believe we need to get used to living with this virus for the foreseeable future. Let us continue to support each other: in word, in action and in our prayer life. I look forward to the day we can have a large number of people in the church to celebrate Eucharist together. For now, it is still great to see those few people who can come to church and support the online mass by reading. I also very much appreciate those who join us online during the weekly masses, whether it be during live mass or those who take time during the day to revisit the mass.  
We are already starting to think about Christmas and how we can celebrate the Birth of Christ. We can only do so much, as a great deal will depend on the churches being opened and the number of people allowed to attend, either inside or outside. I will keep you informed as we get closer to the Advent Season. I don’t know about you, but it is great to see some rain this weekend. It waters the garden and refreshes everything.
Recently, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the canonisation of Mary MacKillop – St Mary of the Cross MacKillop – Australia’s first Saint. St Mary of the Cross was canonised on October 17th, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. One of the qualities Mary was known for was her belief in the ‘Providence of God’. She put her faith in God when she first started her journey as a Josephite Sister, starting schools for the benefit of those who were missing out on an education. Another quality Mary had was the gift of leadership. Not only was she motivated to help those in need, but she had the gift of motivating others to follow her and do the same. Other qualities she had were the gifts of faithfulness, generosity, bravery, compassion, holiness, righteousness, and her strong will. Even though Mary was canonised a Saint, that does not mean she did not suffer, struggle, and make mistakes during her lifetime. Not everyone is born with saintly qualities, but they are formed, developed and nurtured during their lifetime. Let us pray to Mary on the 10th anniversary that she will give us the qualities of her life to make us saintly during our lives. Amen. Have a safe week. God Bless Fr Martin

to our very own Lucy Fitzsimons, who has recently been elected to be the 2021 Faith and Mission Captain at Santa Maria College. It is so lovely to relay this good news of one of our young parishioners taking on an active leadership role in making our Catholic faith alive in the school community and the wider world.
Congratulations and good luck in your role next school year, Lucy.

Catholic Theological College.
2020 Knox Public Lecture
Thursday 5th November at 7.00pm with Sheree Limbrick
Safe Church: Commitment, awareness & action for cultural change
 Bookings and Info:
Enq: or phone 9412 3333 Venue: online

Jewish exiles and us today
Our experience of the pandemic of COVID–19 has in some ways been a time of exile. We lost freedom to move around our neighbourhood and to travel interstate or overseas. We lost the prospect of dining out or inviting friends over for a meal. We lost the opportunity to participate in the eucharist with a gathered community, although we may have been able to join them online from our homes.
In a time of exile, we search for ways to be nourished both physically and spiritually because food is essential for both body and spirit. Fortunately, we were able to shop for food, provided we kept our distance from one another. Spiritually, we were called to be creative in deepening our relationship with the Lord and caring for one another. The self-isolation was a time to pause and draw deeply on the rich resources of the scriptures, to renew personal and family prayer, to practise meditation, and to assess what we deemed valuable in life. It was also a time to create networks of care by communicating with family and friends using the variety of ways of making and maintaining contact.
Perhaps – and hopefully – fasting from eucharist can be an opportunity to value it more deeply whilst at the same time developing deeper spiritual resources to nourish us on our life’s journey in ways that help us understand, as Jesus teaches in today’s gospel, what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God. Michael A Kelly CSsR

Month of the Rosary
All are welcome to pray a community Rosary each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm during the month of October via zoom. We had our second rosary last Wednesday, which again was well attended and a lovely way of seeing each other briefly and sharing a quiet time of prayer. To attend, please go to the following link, or email Jennifer at <> God bless!
Meeting ID: 834 5483 4567 Passcode: nda5av

St John’s Mango fundraiser
If you love mangoes, here's your chance to indulge in fresh juicy Kensington Pride mangoes and support our fundraising drive or St John's Primary School. We are selling trays of mangoes picked and packed during the harvest. Cost per tray is $25. Orders are due by Friday 29th October. Delivery is expected the first week of December and we are happy to provide contactless delivery to your home. For further information contact: Julia 0407343637 or the school office 94891346. Thank you in advance for your support.

Heart of Life
'Walking with Wisdom' Contemplative Sessions (via Zoom) – Thursdays, 10am-12.30pm (AEST) on 8, 15, 22 & 29
October 2020. We invite you to join us for a series of
contemplative sessions with Carole Carmody rsm and Marlene McGrath, providing opportunities for Deep Listening: to oneself at this unique time in our lives; to Divine Wisdom in the Heart, and in the Hearts of Others; and to engage in a
gentle, creative response. Join for one or all sessions. $85 for the Series or $25 per session.
Bookings at Heart of Life Centre
for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation, tel 03 9890 1101,

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Current edition - Sept 24

There are several avenues in which Mass can be viewed.

1.  EWTN provides Masses every day at 8am and many other quality programs about the Catholic faith. the EWTN App can be downloaded to your phone or iPad. It has continuous live streaming of programs. These include news, interviews, children's and teenager's programs and more. Access the EWTN schedule at
or on the EWTN App go to "Program Schedules" then "Pacific Rim".

Bishop Robert Barron Masses

Daily streaming of Masses at St Patrick's Cathedral
Monday to Friday, 1pm
Saturday, 8am
Sunday, 11am
and catch-up

The 11am Sunday Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral will continue to be televised free to air on
C31 (often listed as Channel 44 on digital TVs) until the end of June. Mass is also live streamed on our Archdiocesan YouTube channel and website.

Mass for You at Home
6.00-6.30am Sundays or catch up on 10 Play Freeview [need to sign up!]