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2021 Newsletter
April 3-4
April 10-11

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April 2021     
11 Easter 2B, Divine Mercy
18 Easter 3B
25 Easter 4B
26 Mark

May 2021
1 Joseph, worker
3 Philip & James
9 Easter 6B
13 Our Lady of Fatima
14 Matthias
16 Ascension
23 Pentecost
24 Our Lady of the Southern Cross/Help of Christians
30 Trinity
31 Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

June 2021
6 Body and Blood of Christ
11 Sacred Heart
12 Immaculate heart of Mary
13 Sun 11B
20 Sun 12B
24 Nativity of John Baptist
27 Sun 13B
29 Peter & Paul

Samoan Mass 12.30 4th Sundays

Sacramental Reception

: Second and fourth Sundays of the month at 12 noon (email the office to book) Marriage: by appointment Reconciliation: approach a priest before Mass to make an appointment.
First Communion and
Confirmation: Preparation for this is conducted in our two schools; we also offer this preparation to State School children. Email our office at for further information.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Martin Tanti, SDB PP is normally at St John’s on Thursdays, 10-3pm. He is normally at St Joseph’s on Wednesdays at 10-3pm. However, to make a time to see Fr Martin please ring Joan on 9481 7333.

The Parish office
Our Parish Office is again open for business, albeit on rather shortened hours … Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays 10am and 2pm or send your query/comments via email … and we will get back to you. 

Support   13 11 14  1300 22 44 36
SANE Helpline  1800 18 SANE (7263)
Vic Statewide Suicide helpline  1300 651 251
Mensline Australia  1300 789 978
Drug info. to your mobile phone 0439 TELL ME
CrimeStoppers  1800 333 000
Suicide Helpline Victoria  1300 651 251
Where homeless people might go for help ...
* Ozanam House in North Melbourne
* Mary House of Welcome in Fitzroy
* Jesuit Social Services in Richmond
* Margaret Oats Van, corner of Smith and Stanley Streets (near Safeway) in Collingwood.
For further information on where people can get free meals contact Joan in the office on 9481 7333.

Pope Francis says ...

“The Eucharist is not a private prayer or a beautiful
spiritual experience. It is a gesture that makes pre sent Jesus’ death and resurrection.”

Pope Francis remind us that, when we come to Mass, we are not just remembering what Jesus did at the Last Supper. Rather, we are also taking part in his death and resurrection and following his call to take up his life in all that we do. It is his true Body and Blood that we consume – his everlasting gift of himself. It is not
given to us as merely something to adore. Eucharist calls us to action, to do whatever we can to make Jesus’ message heard by all those who need his blessing and grace.

Parish of Our Lady of the Southern Cross
St John the Baptist, Clifton Hill - St Joseph's, Collingwood

Gospel Reflection 2021

 Easter 2 B - April 11 - Divine Mercy 

Jesus greets his disciples with the gift of peace. Jesus then commissions his disciples to continue the work that he has begun; as Jesus was sent by God, so Jesus sends his disciples. He gives his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit so that they will be able to accomplish this task. Jesus’ words to his disciples also highlight the integral connection between the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. With the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can share forgiveness and reconciliation with others.

Thomas, the doubting disciple in today’s reading, represents the reality of the Church that comes after this first community of witnesses to Jesus. All but the first disciples of Jesus must believe without seeing. Like Thomas, we may doubt the news that Jesus, who was crucified and buried, appeared to his disciples. Our human nature seeks hard evidence that the Jesus who appeared to his disciples after his death is indeed the same Jesus who was crucified. Thomas is given the opportunity to be our representative in obtaining this evidence. He gives witness to us that the Jesus who was raised is the same Jesus who died. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are among those who are blessed, for we have not seen and yet believe.

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Vietnamese Mass 9am Sundays, Newsletter, etc.

Jesus appears to Thomas - April 11

Audio Gospel Reflections -  Fr Frank Moloney SDB

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[Updated April 9]

Mass Times in OLSC Parish
St John’s:
  Tuesday, Thursday at 9.15am, Saturday 8.30 am
Sunday at 9:00 am (Italian), 11:00am and 5:00pm
St Joseph’s: Tuesday to Saturday at 9am
Saturday at 6:00pm Sunday at 9:00am and 10.30am(Vietnamese)
Good Shepherd: Sunday at 9:30am.

A message from Fr Martin ..
Dear Parishioners
May I once again wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope you had time to reflect on the meaning of Easter and how it may influence your lives. Thanks to those who were able to attend all or parts of the Easter liturgies during the Easter Triduum.
During the next six weeks, we will be celebrating the Season of Eastertide until the Ascension of the Lord and
finish off with Pentecost. Personally, I would like to thank ALL those who helped Jennifer with any requests for assistance, the readers, musicians, singers, setting up for supper, and so on. Again, thanks to Jennifer for preparing so much of the liturgies and working so hard. On behalf of the parish, Jennifer, thanks for all that you do for us during these important times on the
church’s calendar.
One important occasion during Holy Week was the Chrism Mass. Each year the priests and the people of God gather at St Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate this important mass. During the mass, the congregation witness the priests renewing their
priestly promises. The other ritual during the mass is when the
Archbishop consecrates the sacred oils used in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders. These oils are then distrib uted to every parish in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, signifying the Lord's healing presence and the life giving gift of the Holy Spirit. Archbishop Comensoli then blessed and commis sioned the PlenaryCouncil delegates/members for the Archdiocese. It was the first time the delegates had been able to gather since our churches reopened. The delegates will join others from around Australia for the first Plenary Council gathering in October. Let’s continue to pray for the Plenary Council and may it bring about change to strengthen our church and help the needs of all whom Christ came for.
Have a great week. God Bless.
Fr Martin

Easter Vigil
A special note from our Parish Priest …
I would like to congratulate our three candidates, Bela, Edward and Penny, who were received into the Church at the Easter Vigil mass last Saturday. I pray your faith may continue to grow and you experience God’s love in your everyday lives.
Our faith is our own personal journey and we can come to faith at any stage of our lives. Each candidate had a sponsor
who journeyed with them during the weeks of preparation. For them it was a time to share, discuss, search and come to some kind of understanding about what faith means.
We all have a different understanding about what faith is and who God is. Even when we do come to some kind of faith, hopefully this continues to grow deeper by our encounter with each other, life experiences and our relationship with the divine. Fr Martin

Believing is seeing
So it means the reverse is true: believing is seeing.
Our beliefs tell us how to see. They tell us what to look
for. Faith gives us eyes to see what others may be blind
to. The worldly view is cynical: things are bad and
getting worse, and not much can be done.
Believers have hope, which heals the past and
invents the future. That’s why, though we have not
literally seen Jesus, we can believe in him, and in
believing, we can truly see.
Reflect on a situation in your life that has seemed
hopeless: a broken relationship, a bitter disappoint ment, a missed opportunity, an irredeemable loss. Look
at it through the eyes of faith. See what Jesus sees: the
never-ending chance for healing and life.

St John's Outreach Program
Don’t forget our outreach program and buy some thing extra for our outreach program next time you
are shopping. Thank you.

St Joseph’s School news
We would like to congratulate our children who received the sacrament of First Reconciliation: Michelle, Ryder, Neveah, Jaimie, Isaiah, Akain, Kingsley and Ethan.
Congratulations also to Michelle who was baptised
on St Joseph’s day.

Heart of Life
'Gifts Differing - Understanding Your Personality
, Saturday 17 April 2021, 10am-3pm.
This reflection day explores the Myers
Briggs personality types, and how these influence our
communication, relationships and spiritual life.
Participants can complete the Personality Type
Indicator form on the day. Facilitated by Peter
Malone msc at Heart of Life, Kildara Centre, Rear 41
Stanhope St, Malvern. Cost $60. Book and pay via
email or tel 9890 1101. 

Caritas Australia would like to THANK YOU for supporting Project Compassion 2021. If you still have your Project Compassion box or set of envelopes at home, please bring them back next week or visit to make your donation online.
Through your generosity you will be empowering the
world’s most vulnerable communities to grow stronger and share their strengths with their communities to lift themselves out of poverty.
1800 024 413

There are several avenues in which Mass can be viewed.

1.  EWTN provides Masses every day at 8am and many other quality programs about the Catholic faith. the EWTN App can be downloaded to your phone or iPad. It has continuous live streaming of programs. These include news, interviews, children's and teenager's programs and more. Access the EWTN schedule at
or on the EWTN App go to "Program Schedules" then "Pacific Rim".

Bishop Robert Barron Masses

3.  Daily streaming of Masses at St Patrick's Cathedral

The 11am Sunday Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral will continue to be televised free to air on
C31 (often listed as Channel 44 on digital TVs)

Mass for You at Home
6.00-6.30am Sundays or catch up on 10 Play Freeview [need to sign up!]