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Meeting Our Salesian Students

Our Salesian Deacons
Our first is Anthony Anusit Chanphen.

“I belong to the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Province of Saint Paul, Thailand. I made my first profession at Salesianum, Sampran in 2007, and my perpetual profession was held at Don Bosco Technological College Bangkok in 2013. My family live simple lives on the land, working in the agricultural field, under the pastoral service of the Salesian parish of Saint Joseph Banpong, Thailand. I grew up within the Salesian atmosphere where I perceived and received the Salesian apostolic love, whose lives touched my heart and my spiritual journey. This leads to the recognition of the privilege of the Salesian presence in my village, where I experienced and gained maturity as a human and a follower of Christ. I am now a Salesian Deacon and doing my last year of theology studies in Melbourne. I will be returning to Thailand at the end of the year. Please pray for me and also my vocation. Thank you!"

Our next Salesian Deacon is ...
I am Lourenço das Neves Soares and I come from East Timor. I was born and raised in a very simple family of farmers and in a strong religious environment. 
My desire to be a priest started when I was in Year 12 and I met a Salesian priest who was always playing soccer with kids. I had never seen a priest consistently playing soccer with kids and because I am a big soccer fan, I joined the Salesians in 2006, made my first profession in 2008 and my final vows in 2015. I was ordained as a Deacon in December last year at St John’s.
Now, when I look back, I realise that God called me in a very simple and ordinary way. He used what I love and enjoy the most ... Soccer ... As a means to communicate His plan for me.
I will be going home to East Timor to be ordained as a priest next August during the Feast of the Assumption to live this divine call, (especially playing soccer with young people ).

Our Salesian Brothers
Our next Salesian Brother is ...
My name is Dominic Aung Ko Myint. I am originally from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Both of my parents are very simple Catholics and I was raised in a very devout Catholic community. I have one elder sister and one younger sister.         It was truly a great challenge for my parents to agree to my intention of becoming a Catholic priest since I am the only son in the family, but they generously of-fered back their only son to God so that I may expand the family of God with the rest of humanity. Priest-hood was my childhood dream and I was inspired to become a Salesian at the age of 13. With the grace and help of God, I joined the Salesians in 2004 when I was in year 9 and made my first vows as a Salesian in 2009 when I started my further educational journey as part of my formation, studying religious education, psychology, philosophy and theology. I solemnly made my perpetual commitment to God as a Salesian on 13 August 2017 at St. John’s. I have been a Sale-sian Cleric for 9 years now and currently doing my second year of theology at Catholic Theological Col-lege, Melbourne. After my theological studies in Aus-tralia, I will return to Myanmar and continue my journey of service to the poor and the needy.
I humbly ask your prayers and support on this journey of love

Our next Salesian Deacon is ...
“My name is Tristan O’Brien and I was born in Mel-bourne back in 1992. I grew up near the Dandenong Ranges out in the east and have always found myself more at home in a forest, field, or mountain than in a concrete jungle. I have a passion for animals and gardening and find quite a lot of joy in just being outside.

   Tristan in green

I joined the Salesians in 2014 after spending time in Cambodia with their overseas lay missionary organi-sation, the Cagliero Project. I did my noviciate in Fiji in 2015 and made my first vows at the beginning of 2016, so I’ve been a Salesian brother for around 2½ years now. Being the youngest in my community I often get called the baby Salesian which is fun.
My studies have led me through Science, to Educa-tion, and now through to Philosophy and some introductory Theology. I’ve enjoyed my studies, and also enjoyed the many Salesian ministries I am involved in as an alternative to study.”

Our Salesian Deacons
Our next Salesian Deacon is ...
“I am Deacon Abilio Eusébio Correia Guterre, originally from East Timor, which gained its independence in 2002 after a long struggle. I was ordained last year and am currently undertaking my theological studies for priesthood in Melbourne.

I grew up during the Indonesian regime—there was no freedom of speech, no clean water, no access to entertainment, etc. My family had to keep moving home to escape the brutality of the Indonesian military. But through-out we never lost hope or our catholic faith. Growing up in these nightmarish conditions, I always held on to my dream to become a priest. Every time I partici-pated in Mass I was inspired by an Italian Salesian missionary priest who celebrated there. From these strong first impressions, I went to a Salesian boarding school from 2000 to 2006. After graduation I en-tered the Salesian way of life and my ordination as a priest will be in August next, back in East Timor.
Someone once told me ‘When you discover your vocation, you become more who you are.’ God’s plan is amazing indeed—we need only seek to discover it. Our vocation is about coming to know God’s love.”

Our Salesian Brothers
Our next Salesian Brother is ...
I am Michael En Lam Pau from Myanmar. I was born in Chin Sate which is located in the western part of the country. My parents are Mr Albert Kam Ngo and Mrs Fidelis Hau Lam Ciin. I am the eldest son of eight children. Farming and agriculture are mainly my family’s profession. Therefore, farming is very much part of my early life.
As a young teenager, I was sent to one of the Salesian Boarding houses in Mandalay in 2004. I did not know much about the Salesian Charism as a boarding student, but I rather experienced the Salesian Spirituality of Don Bosco in each Salesian. Therefore, I aspired to become like them when I grew up.
I re-joined the Salesians, after my high school back at home, in 2007 as a pre-novice. I joined the novitiate in 2009 and became a Salesian in May, 2010. Then, I spent three studying mainly Philosophical studies. This was followed by a period of two years of practical training,
I arrived in Australia in October, 2016 and began my first year of theology in February, 2017. Now, I am in my second of theology at Catholic Theological College. I still have two more years to complete my studies here. Then I will be ordained a Deacon and go back and work in Myanmar, to serve the people, especially the poor and the young. I hope to be ordained a priest in 2021.
   “Everything and everyone is won by the sweetness of our words and works.” (Don Bosco).

Our Salesian Brothers
My name is Thomas Nattawut Kitsawad, but every-one calls me “Por” (which is a Thai nickname). I am a Salesian Brother from the Thailand Province. I was born in Samphran, a Catholic village which is located near Bangkok, the only son in my family. I believe that my vocation had begun at the age of eight when I attended the Don Bosco Oratory every Sunday. I learnt a lot about the life of Saint John Bosco, the music, and Salesian life. Here I found the love and kindness which Salesians gave me. This was the beginning of my dream “I want to be a Salesian like them.

I joined the Salesian Formation House, and studied in the Salesian School in 2001, when I was in year 7. I studied philosophy for four years, then my practical training for three years at the formation house. In 2016, I came to Australia to continue my Salesian vocation in theological studies. I studied English at the Australian Catholic University and made my final profession to be a Salesian forever last year here at St John the Baptist. Now, I am studying my second year of Theology at Catholic Theological College and hope to go back to Thailand and work for the young people after my theological studies. Above all, if God chooses me, I will be ordained as a priest in Thailand in 2021. Please pray for me to be a faithful Salesian.


Soccer Program at Collingwood  STC Students assist on Mondays

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Farewell Speech – Fr Leo Choi SDB
Clifton Hill - December 2010

          I may head back home to Korea
but I spent two and a half years in Australia, it’s no wonder I can think of many names for whom I am really thankful..
I do like use this opportunity to give my special thanks.

Firstly, I thank God for allowing me to live and to study in Australia.
Of course, all of us should thank God for this. We experience many sides of Salesians and joys of community through our life-long meeting and friendship.
I experienced God’s unconditional love through you.

I remember each one of you in this community and always give my thanks. Thank you everyone, you were my beacons to help me to feel God’s love.   >More


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Bro Dat's Graduation
B.Technology (Computing with Distinction)
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